The Vail Valley Young Professionals Association is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting a young, dynamic, professional community in the Vail Valley by providing opportunities in business development, networking, community awareness, and community involvement.

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Join the VVYPA and be a part of our monthly events, which include guest speaker presentations, networking mixers, community cleanups and world class holiday parties and fundraisers.



The VVYPA and Vail Symposium recently joined forces to create the longest abbreviation in the valley (VVYPAVS) and also to provide VVYPA members access to *all Vail Symposium events free of charge. Yep, we just did that and it’s really awesome!

This partnership provides VVYPA members access to over 30 events per year on a broad range of thought provoking topics like Middle East policy and the Federal Reserve’s Monetary Policy, to adventure speakers like Aron Ralston recounting the 127 hours he spent wedged between two rocks in the Utah desert and Dr. Jon Kedrowski discussing his experiences on the most deadly days on Mt. Everest. For everyone else tickets to these events could cost around $1,000 a year and we’re giving it to you for FREE, because we like you that much. So get excited, and check the events calendar for upcoming events and we look forward to seeing you this summer.

*Tickets are free for all events except: workshops, fundraisers, and “special” events. Tickets to these events are set on an individual event basis.

**For more information about the Vail Symposium visit: vailsymposium.org